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May you know His love which
 surpasses knowledge 
Eph 3


United Benefice of Carlton-in-Lindrick and Langold with Oldcotes

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The United Benefice of Carlton in Lindrick with Langold and Oldcotes

  consists of 3 churches:

  • St John's       Carlton-in-Lindrick      most services here  
  • St Luke’s       Langold                      one service per month
  • St Mark's         Oldcotes                     twice per month

   a wide range of services in different styles - something for everyone

We are committed to working together, praying and planning to see our community transformed and God’s kingdom grow

We see the opportunity for reaching out through both traditional services and newer expressions of church life.
You are welcome to join us for any of our worship services, all of which are detailed on our events page

Maybe you are new2church . . .  you are still welcome

What do we believe? What is our vision?

Perhaps you have questions and want to know about:
God, Jesus, being a Christian, and more before coming to church


map and directions 3 miles from Worksop

The Church History Project was set up in conjunction with the University of Nottingham to provide an accurate historical and archaeological record for each church and church site within the Diocese.
St John’s  History

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